Nursing Technologies: Innovation and Implementation

                      Innovation in nursing is fundamental to ensure and develop the quality of care. In this context, innovation is used in nursing to produce information, protect health, prevent diseases and offer personalized care. Automated IV pumps, Portable monitor.

                          Smart beds, Wearable devices, Electronic health records, Centralized command centres, Telehealth and apps. Intensive care units (ICUs) and emergency departments (EDs) are unique areas within the hospital. These units typically have access to a wide array of technology and medical devices and utilize technology at high rates. This is the first study to examine the experiences and attitudes of physician and nurse providers in acute care settings regarding the introduction and implementation of newly adopted technology. Because, ultimately, providers make the final decision about what to use and what not to use at the patient's bedside, it is vitally important to understand their experience in implementing newly adopted technologies. Knowledge of what providers perceive to be facilitators and barriers in the successful introduction of technology will allow hospital administrators and staff to identify, purchase, and successfully adopt technologies without wasting healthcare dollars and resources. This study provides key insights into both successful implementation strategies and key pitfalls to avoid that will be of use to nurse and physician leaders in the ICU and ED as they implement technology in these unique settings.

  • Modern technology
  • Inadequate maintenance plan
  • Balancing human element to technology
  • Balancing cost and benefits

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