London Academy of Sports and Health Sciences (LASHS) is an academy with more than 500,000 reached clients from all over the world. We are a professional development and continuing education academy provide our clients with online distance learning fellowship diploma, certification courses, and professional development knowledge in various areas of Physical Therapy, Sports Medicine, Rehabilitation, Healthcare Management, and Health Sciences. LASHS founded on the principle of "NO TUITION FEES" since we believe that Learning should be a basic right to anyone who needs it. Therefore, we provide nearly free electronic learning certificate courses and fellowship diploma programs.

SALUSS Health Tourism Consultancy is founded by health tourism experts who have experienced more than 10 years in health and tourism sector. SALUSS serves medical tourists who are seeking treatment and consultancy around Europe. We organize events, seminars, conferences, and workshops related to medical tourism recently. We arrange educational projects such as; masterclasses, training and internship programs for healthcare professionals in different countries.